School of Arts & Letters

In Altea, opposite the Faculty of Fine Arts, is the School of Arts & Letters, a space dedicated to learning the visual and literary arts and ideal for beginners or for perfecting techniques in the company of others.

The website created aims to motivate the viewer through the sensory experience of colour. It invites the user to click on the coloured spaces not only to discover the information they are looking for, but also to find out about the school and its timetables, classes and services…

What has been done.
  • Word Press Web.

Graphic Design.

The colour palette is based on the selection of four colours present in the School’s Logo and from each of them an accent colour in a pastel range will be created later on. The chosen typography had to have character but at the same time be timeless, to work, but not be noticeable.


Web Design.

The website has a custom-made design for the School of Arts & Letters. It adapts to all devices and allows quick and intuitive access to each of the sections, differentiated by colour.

In addition, a system of icons was created to identify the courses taught, as well as the subjects taught in each course.

Web Iconography / Courses and Subjects.


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