Qiyoga Centre

Being aware of the peaceful and serene atmosphere that this Yoga centre conveys is the starting point to conceive a design where the colours and the warm sensations of the materials are reflected in the web experience.

The website presents the classes taught at the centre as well as the activities that take place in the dynamic section of the Qiyoga Events.

What has been done.
  • Word Press Web.
  • T-shirt design.

Graphic Design.

Zen inspiration is very present in the choice of a neutral colour palette, but without forgetting the counterpoint of orange, associated with physical activity and spiritual enlightenment.

The selected typographic combo reinforces the headlines of the web sections thanks to the contrast of the lines of both typefaces, the Moon 2.0 typeface being the same typeface as the Qiyoga logo.


Web Design.

This web project has been a delight to work on, not only because of the subtlety and minimalist style required for its design, but also because of the strength and inspiration that radiates from the image of the large “Ensocircle that presides over the Yoga room of the centre.

To this end, the fluidity of the website’s movements attempts to draw a melody, despite the fact that the website has no sound.

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Creation of an illustration for a corporate T-shirt for the centre.