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Naming is an act that is far more important than we think. Searching for a brand name requires both a creative and technical process. It’s not worth that “We’ll see what we can think of…”

A name is forever and must be first and foremost true and essential. With a strategically chosen name you can create a brand identity consistent with who you are.

1. Identity


What has a perfect name?

The name of your business should reflect the essence of who you are or what you want to be. It has to have soul and foundation.

Know what is named. That is the most important key to finding a unique and round name. When you start to think of a business name, other companies that inspire us are often taken as a reference. But we must not forget that even so, our idea, project or company is unique. So the next question is, how is it unique and different?

choosing your business name

A good name always has a story behind it, an origin and a why. If your name has a story to tell, it will be memorable and therefore will draw an emotional map that will make it an easy name to remember.

If we think positively we will find those words that define us. For example: we are modern and fun, so our name has to evoke that mood. Take it easy!

The Logo will works better if the name chosen has “hook” or typographical sonority. The sonority is not only heard, it is also read and the typography chosen for the Logo can amplify this sonority.

choosing your business name

«Besides the poetics of words, I believe in their engineering. Names have to be useful and sometimes the best one is not the one you like best, but the one that will work best.»

2. Clear or easy to understand.


We cannot confuse our future customers and at least we must choose a main category that we will focus on.

Know that I will offer, which or what are my products and values by which I will be distinguished from the competition.

What language or languages will be used? Would my company or project be located in any particular physical space?

When we talk about communication, the language we use will determine the audience we want to reach.

If it comes out we choose a name with linguistic duality that can cover clients of different languages and this is qualitative for our company… Go ahead!

One must be careful with the internationalization of some words, since while in some languages the same word sounds very good and is easy to remember or pronounce , in others it is practically impossible to do so.

3. Description.


How do we reflect in the smallest words what we are?


The name has to be descriptive, if we want it to talk about our values and the sector or industry to which it belongs. It does not have to contain in itself the product or service it offers, it can also suggest, rather evoke an essential idea.

Building a brand has a creative stage and an analytical one, but in both we must always keep in mind that first of all the name chosen must be: Simple, Clear, Sonorous and Different.

This article continues in the following post: How to name your company. Stages.

We will see that there are techniques that will help us to synthesize the ideas of names that arise.

As well as to take into account that after the process of abstract creation of the name, comes the process of materialization, the moment in which the name is interrogated and put to the test.