Activa Teulada

Activa Teulada is a cultural project that aims to be a dynamic reference point in the historic centre of the town. Installations, contemporary dance and creative workshops for children will be held in this area of the old town.

The concept developed in the poster is based on the idea of seeing the Porxes building as an active element that will be transformed through artistic action.

Olga Diego / Cover installation
  • Graphic Design.
What has been done.
  • Poster and social media announcement.

Graphic Design.

The typeface selected for the titles stands out for its personality; it is a typeface that has modern features in the finishing of some of its characters, which ends in a curve. For the text of the programme, a humanist typeface is used, with a somewhat stretched style in its structure.

The colour scheme of the poster is based on two complementary tones: orange for the arches and blue for the background elements in the sky and the titles. The double volume created by the light hitting the inside of the arches of the building connects me with the idea of repetition to create rhythm and movement in the composition.