Pink Polop

Based on the universe that the colour pink represents in the world of fashion, the Logo had to have enough entity to be able to defend a fashion brand with a glamorous and sexy style.

Pink Polop‘s visual identity is tactile and festive, thanks to the iconographic representation of the Logo with a graphic that suggests the sensuality of feathers as a textile fetish and with the aim of making the pink-loving tribe vibrate.

What has been done.
  • Logotype.

Graphic Design.

Pink is the main colour and to find the right tone for the brand, we carried out an exhaustive “casting”. A bold pink first and foremost, but not “cheesy”.

Serif typography is associated with fashion brands and conveys elegance and tradition as well as honesty and authority. It is worth highlighting the use of the “ligature”, which was designed especially for this typeface, as it did not have this typographic resource. Ligatures were traditionally used in typography to embellish texts, reminiscent of medieval calligraphic typefaces.



The logo of this brand for an online shop was created with attention to detail.

The Logo exudes feminine energy and is focused on conquering and seducing, an action emphasised through the use of the ligature as a typographic resource. From this graphics, the Logo symbol is generated, ideal for profiles on social networks and reduced versions on mobile devices.

diseño grafico pink polop
diseño logotipo altea
diseño logos altea
logotipo pink polop


First of all, an emotional map had to be created, in order to find the links between the idea expressed by the client and the needs of the product. The ideas emerged from this basis and finally the most appropriate ideas for the project were selected from among several others before the design phase began.