Paolo Ruggiero

Paolo Ruggiero is an eclectic and modern opera singer. The image projected is fresh and dynamic, in consonance with his personality.

The website highlights their latest projects and promotes their current work through the creation of promotional videos and the editing of audiovisual material.

What has been done.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Visual and digital identity.
  • Creation of social networks.
  • Audiovisual editing.
  • Photographs for the Web.
  • Word Press Web.

Graphic Design.

The colour palette devised for both the business card and the website is elegant and sober. The graphic design of the Logo uses a typeface designed by Pedro Arilla that mixes the Italian Bodoni style with old Spanish typefaces and includes the use of “ligatures”.

For the web, the versatile Raleway by Google Fonts is chosen.




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redes sociales altea

Web Design.

The website allows for up-to-date visibility of their work with the creation of a video channel on You Tube. The website also serves as a promotional portal by linking directly to the specific platforms of the lyric world, its social networks and its agents.


  • Video editing. Digital colour grading.

  • Promotional videos.

  • Motion Graphics.