Camping Santa Clara

Camping Santa Clara is located on a hill in front of the port of Altea, between orchards and in a traditional environment. Founded as a campsite in 1961, it reopened in 2014 and from this new stage its website was created, entering the social networks.

The campsite’s old website needed to be remodelled and a new design was created, without losing the already consolidated corporate identity. After all, the only thing that needed to be emphasised was its simplicity and authenticity. Just as the campsite is, without artifice.

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What has been done.
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The Home Page in 2021

Adapted to each device. The content of the home page has been expanded with sections that link to the most searched pages on the web, improving the usability of the design.


The Home page in 2014.

The previous web design was not “Responsive” and was kept centred to cover the most used screens, showing a decorative background on larger screens.

Graphic Design.

The colour palette follows the corporate colours of the logo to maintain and respect the classic and traditional image of Camping Santa Clara.

The use of icons for each section helps to orientate the user, while at the same time giving a modern aesthetic to the web design.


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