La Nit de l’Art

This self-project arises from a graphic design course given by Genis Carreras (Illustrator and Graphic Designer) and consists of creating 6 posters about a contemporary art festival. In this case, La Nit de l’Art, which is now in its sixth edition and is held in Altea, among other places.

The visuals revolve around the activities of the Festival: Videoart, Site specific Art, Performance, Open Studios (visits to the workshops of local artists), Talks and Workshops for children.

  • Self-project.
  • Graphic Design.

Graphic Design


The visuals created for the Nit de l’Art, try to represent, in addition to the world of contemporary art, the dreamlike world of the night. That justifies the use of gradient colours, this chromatic technique helps me to generate three-dimensionality and to capture the creativity of Altea’s night life.

What was most challenging for me was to find a balance between the communicative character that a graphic design must have, with the creative and inspiring freedom that a visual identity for a contemporary art event must have.



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