El Gandulillo

Infinite sky, that’s the feeling you get when you spend a night in this rural house on the Granada’s high plateau.

And those words are the key to build a flexible visual identity, which is not just a Logo, is a visual universe of its own. Its geometric shapes can be broken down into different applications. For example, as masks to define user interaction zones on the website.

What has been done.
  • Logo and visual identity.
  • Word Press Web.
  • Photographs for the Web.

Starting from the symbol of infinity, a series of forms were generated which combined shapes draw a Mandala inspired by the Andalusian geometry of the place.

The colors have as their axis the bluish green color that is present in the mosaics of the Alhambra of Granada. Combining the color palette it creates a gradient color that is applied in different versions of the symbol.

For the website were added two neutral tones, a gray stone and a marsala or iron oxide tone reminiscent of the earth.


For this project, with such a peculiar name, a light and clear typography was necessary, with very open lines and a very marked contrast.

The Capitular «G» was created by hand, in order to achieve a calligraphic style that would give a touch of oriental graphics to the Logotype.

Symbol Versions / Gif
diseño geometrico telas altea

Web Design.

A complete redesign of the rural house website is carried out, emphasizing the need to add useful information, starting from the homepage. Using masks with the symbol developed in the visual identity of El Gandulillo, interactive areas were created where the user can find varied information.

We also, set up a Rates and Reservations page that offers the user a good web experience.

To top it all off, we enjoyed a weekend in El Gandulillo and took the pictures we thought the web required.


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