Opera 2001

For the company Opera 2001 I had the opportunity to design their handheld programmes for various productions on tour in Spain and France, so one of the demands of the editorial design was the adaptation to three languages (English, as well as French and Spanish).

  • Editorial Design.
What has been done.
  • Handheld programmes & Posters.
  • Illustrations.

Editorial Design.

Each opera is a universe in itself, so the source of inspiration was the music of every opera I worked on.

So Mozart in Le Nozze di Figaro could be a light blue, innocent but mischievous and playful. For Verdi’s Rigoletto, however, I had to discover the Renaissance arabesques used in the Palazzo di Mantova to inspire me to design in reds, greens and golds.

Handheld programme - Rigoletto 2016 / Catalogue 24 pages
Handheld programme - La Boheme 2022 / Double page illustrated.
Handheld programme - Madama Butterfly 2015 / Front and back cover.