Miau Gourmet Café

Miau Gourmet Café is a very special roadside restaurant, welcoming occasional tourists as well as being a meeting point for locals and local workers. A very pleasant atmosphere reminiscent of a typical American diner.

Digital Studio participated from the beginning in the creation of the brand with the premise of creating an image that reflected the dynamism of fast-food but made with quality and care.

What has been done.
  • Logotype.
  • Corporate stationery.
  • Flyers.
  • Restaurant Menú.
  • Interior advertising signage.
  • Exterior signage. Illuminated signage.

Graphic Design.

The typography of the Logo is elastic and the chosen chromatics are luminous, like the sound evoked by the sound “Meow”. ^^ (Miau in Spanish)

Point-of-sale signage /<br>
Menu boards.

Visual Comunication.

To define the visual design line of Miau Gourmet Café, the brand concept created for the commercial interior design was taken into account. The retro aesthetic can be seen in the illustrations on the advertising signs and in the range of colours on the restaurant menu.

carta menu miau
carta menu miau altea